Looking for some top-notch concrete restoration in Grants Pass, OR? Bingo, you’ve found us! We’re not just hanging around in the Medford area, we’ve actually got our expert hands working on Grants Pass OR concrete projects as well. We are Pro Edge Concrete, a team that’s made a name for ourselves with our top-quality concrete restoration, all thanks to our abundant hands-on experience and industry know-how.

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What’s Concrete Restoration All About?

In simple words, it’s like giving a new lease of life to your aged concrete surfaces. This might mean mending cracks, patching up holes, refinishing the surface, and putting on protective coatings or sealers. This service becomes particularly crucial in places like Grants Pass, where you’ll find concrete playing a major role in many properties.

One of the fantastic things about concrete restoration is that it’s real value for money. Rather than splurging on time and money to replace old concrete, restoration rejuvenates it at a fraction of the cost. The result? A surface that’s tougher, more resistant to wear and tear, and visually appealing. Plus, by fixing uneven or cracked surfaces, you’re also removing any potential tripping hazards.

Meet the Grants Pass, OR Concrete Experts at Pro Edge Concrete


Based smack in the middle of Southern Oregon, Pro Edge Concrete is your go-to squad for concrete restoration. We’re a local, family-driven business that cherishes our ties with the community and takes great pride in offering stellar residential and small commercial concrete services in Grants Pass, Medford, Klamath Falls, and beyond.

Why choose Pro Edge Concrete, you ask? We firmly believe in an all-encompassing approach to concrete restoration. We use a mix of techniques, each one specifically designed to deal with different types of damage. Our toolbox includes everything from epoxy injections for mending cracks, polymer-modified cementitious overlays for spall repair, to resurfacing using micro-toppings and stamped overlays, and even sealers to guard and enhance the look of the restored surface.

The Adventure of Concrete Contractors & Restoration

restoring concrete patio in Grants Pass, OR

How long does concrete restoration take? It all hinges on the level of damage and the techniques needed to repair it. Small repairs can be done in a snap, while larger jobs may span several days. This flexible approach has won us the trust of property owners across Grants Pass and neighboring areas.


Once we finish the restoration, the longevity of the refreshed surfaces largely depends on the quality of the work and regular upkeep. A bit of love and care can help these surfaces shine for many years, offering fantastic value for your investment and a sense of ease for you.

The Art of Caring for Your Restored Concrete

Taking care of your restored concrete is vital to ensure its longevity. We at Pro Edge Concrete recommend a regular sweep or pressure wash to remove dirt and debris. Best steer clear of harsh chemicals that could harm the surface. A fresh coat of sealer every few years can keep the concrete safe from water and stains. Spot a crack or any damage? Give us a shout right away to prevent it from getting worse.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in Grants Pass, OR, investing in concrete restoration can save you money, jazz up your property’s aesthetics, and increase safety. We at Pro Edge Concrete, with our wide experience and dedication to top quality, are the chosen ones for many in the region.

We’re a passionate bunch at Pro Edge Concrete. We’re committed to ensuring every concrete restoration project is carried out to the finest possible standards. With our knack for the latest techniques and commitment to using only premium products, we manage to consistently deliver superb results. Our services don’t just spruce up your surfaces, they also prolong their lifespan, making us an economical choice for maintaining your property.


We know that every project is unique. We approach each task with a personalized plan, designed to meet the specific needs of your property. No matter the size or complexity, we’ve got the skills and expertise to handle it.

So, if you have Grants Pass, OR concrete needs and on the hunt for reliable concrete contractors for restoration or any other concrete service, get in touch with us. With a solid track record and a deep understanding of the local property scene, we’re primed to handle all your concrete needs.

Keep in mind, a property’s strength lies in its foundations. When those foundations are concrete, they deserve top-tier care. Choosing Pro Edge Concrete means more than just hiring concrete contractors—you’re gaining peace of mind, high-grade craftsmanship, and a partner who treats your property as if it were their own.