If you have driveways, patios, walkways or other surfaces around your home, you’ll want to take good care of them and possibly utilize concrete services in Grants Pass or Medford. Properly maintained concrete looks better and lasts a lot longer.

But let’s be honest, concrete can be tricky to keep looking its best. It gets stained and faded from the elements pretty quickly. Before you know it, your nice gray concrete has turned dingy and lackluster.

No worries, with some simple maintenance you can keep your concrete looking fresh and new. Let’s explain how to care for and improve concrete around your home in Grants Pass and Medford. We’ll answer common questions people have about making concrete look nice again.

Let’s start with the basics of concrete upkeep…

The Importance of Sealing Your Concrete in Grants Pass

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Hands down, sealing is the number one thing you should do to maintain concrete and keep it looking good. Applying a protective concrete sealant prevents damage from water absorption plus wear and tear over time.

You’re probably wondering – how exactly does sealing help concrete? Sealants lock in concrete’s nice gray color so it doesn’t fade or stain as easily. The sealant makes a waterproof barrier that keeps moisture from seeping in and cracking the concrete. It also protects the surface from damage like scuffs, grease stains, winter salt and other abuse.

When Should You Seal Your Concrete?

For new concrete, it’s best to seal it about a month after it’s installed, once it has fully cured. Sealing it right away provides maximum protection.

If you have existing concrete that’s looking worse for wear, plan to reseal it every 1-3 years on average. High traffic areas like driveways might need sealing every year.

How do you know when it’s time to reseal? Here are signs the sealant is wearing thin:

– Concrete looks faded or absorbs stains more easily
– Dark spots appearing
– Surface feels rough vs smooth
– More cracking or pitting

It’s best to freshen up the sealant before winter weather hits again.

What’s the Best Concrete Sealant to Use?

Look for solvent-based acrylic sealants made for exterior concrete. These soak in well to waterproof while allowing moisture to still vent through your concrete.

Epoxy sealants also offer long-lasting protection but don’t allow moisture venting. Only use epoxies if you have an under-slab moisture barrier installed.

How Do You Apply Concrete Sealant?

Make sure the concrete surface is totally clean before sealing. Apply two thin coats with a nap roller, following the product directions closely. Limit foot traffic for 24-48 hours while the sealer fully cures.

Maintaining Your Concrete’s Appearance

Sealing is the best way to keep concrete looking like new, but it’s not the only trick. Let’s cover other ways to maintain and

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improve concrete’s appearance around your home…

How Can I Make My Concrete in Grants PassLook Better?

Besides sealing, try a concrete cleaner to remove stains and brighten dull areas. A baking soda paste is great for lifting oil stains without harsh chemicals. Rinse well and apply a fresh sealant to make the concrete look like new again.

Can You Improve Old Concrete’s Appearance?

You sure can! Thorough cleaning plus a new sealant is all it takes to restore faded, damaged concrete. Consider decorative options like tinting, stamping or stenciling plain concrete to upgrade the look. Simple steps like these will rejuvenate tired concrete around your home.

What Damages Concrete the Most?

Water causes the most concrete damage over time, especially in wet climates like Grants Pass. When water seeps in and freezes, it expands and cracks the concrete. Road salts, car fluids and chemicals also gradually break down concrete. Sealing prevents these issues.

How Do I Prevent Concrete Damage?

Stopping problems before they start is key. Make sure new concrete is prepped, poured and cured correctly so it cures strongly. Control joints properly help prevent random cracks. Clean up spills quickly before they stain. And of course, seal regularly to protect from water and wear. Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

Special Concrete Considerations for Grants Pass and Medford

Since it rains a ton here, sealants are extra important to keep excess moisture out of your concrete. Acrylic sealants work well in our damp, chilly climate.

For icy winters, steer clear of salt which damages concrete over time. Instead use sand or safer deicers like CMA for traction on frozen walks and drives.

And be sure to seal any brand new concrete ASAP before our wet weather sets in and causes pitting or cracks.

Keeping Your Concrete in Grants Pass Looking Great

Maintaining your concrete with regular sealing, prompt cleaning and other simple care will keep it in tip-top shape for decades. No more faded, sad looking areas around your home!

Concrete Services in Grants Pass and Medford

When it comes to new concrete installation or maintenance projects, trust the experts at Pro Edge Concrete to get the job done right. Serving both Grants Pass and Medford areas, we offer professional services for all residential and commercial concrete needs – from driveways and patios to walkways, foundations and decorative options. Our skilled team handles projects of any size, from simple sealcoating to large concrete removal and replacement. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to create durable, long-lasting concrete surfaces. Contact us today for quotes on upgrading your concrete or keeping it looking its best.